Day 3 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Day 3 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Thursday, 4th August 2016.

Day 3 – Artist Interaction 1

Hello! We are back again, but this time, with a super enthusiasm and greed to know more about today’s session. As we unpacked our bags and settled with our belongings, we realized that we have nothing to talk about, except ‘Junoon.’ Just imagine, we don’t know what we are going to do in our respective roles, no idea about theme or setting for the event, but still super excited for this Show! Isn’t it just lovely? Hey! Is this ‘Junoon’?

Our dear Gracious Guides rolled out the schedule of the day. Even though we were still suspicious, we decided not to ask questions to them.

We took our breakfast and all the magic makers along with our gracious guides went to the session. The session remained engaged as Ms. Sampurna Chattarji, with her rich experience and fantastic literature, began reciting a lot of excellent and well written poems. We all were astonished by her speech and dialogue with some of our friends. She talked about her inclination towards writing and answered several questions asked by the students. We got good insight from her session, as some of our friends were able to explore a wonderland of poems.

That was not all, as after a short break, we were with our very favourite and dear friends Mr.Ishaan and Ms Debashree. They are simply so sweet and good people. They loved interacting with us, taught us to become props, enjoyed with us; at some point, even scolded us; nevertheless, they are our all time favourite artists. The session and interaction with them remained the most interesting section of ‘Junoon.’ We all wish, if they can stay here or visit us again and again.

Hey! It seems we are becoming too personal. Anyways, Let’s get back to our business. Hmm! Now it appears things are fine, as we are now aware of the theme to work on; space to perform; and story to build on. Cool! But it is a great deal of work. We realized that without synergy, or knowing each other’s perspective, it is going to be hard.

Hey! But we kids are kids, right? In our extreme excitement we all created a chaos in the room. Our gracious guides stepped in the situation and as usual handled all of us very comfortably. And the day ended with some ideas and thoughts to build on.



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