Day 4 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Day 4 – Junoon arts at play with schools

Thursday, 5th August 2016.

Day 4 – Arts Encounter

Amidst a lot of fidgeting, nervousness, and jitters, we began our day. Our gracious guides were prepared with all the resources and their ‘To Do List.’ We must say, preparedness to rock the show. Immediately, we started to work on our assigned tasks, followed by a quick break, and ready for the session with Mr. Utkarsh Mazumdar.

Wow! What a pleasant meeting,  amazing interaction, and amusing ideas for a ready take away. We all had a great time with sir. The most we appreciated is his jovial nature. He is a good teacher and a great artist.

After lunch, we all continued with our work and after some time bid everyone a goodbye, wishing them to showcase their best talents and efforts.


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