Grade 11_English SL Unit Test Announcement and details

Grade 11_English SL Unit Test Announcement and details

Dear Students,

This is to remind you that there is a Unit test on Tuesday during the Unit test slot. Details of the test are:

Topic: Paper 1 Textual Analysis . You will be given a short text to analyse.

Marks: 20

Duration : 30 minutes (Please reach the class on time)

Material required: Learning Objective hand-out and pen

You will be marked on the following Criterion

Mark Division

Criterion A Understanding of the text 5 marks
Criterion B Understanding of the use and effects of stylistic features 5 marks
Criterion C Organization and development 5 marks
Criterion D Language 5 marks
Total 20 marks

Please read through the RUBRIC and understand how will you  score in the test.  It is very important that you understand the criterion and plan your work accordingly. An understanding of the Criterion will enhance every written that you submit.





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