Highlights and Homework – 8th August’16

Highlights and Homework – 8th August’16


UOI :-

Learners identified the Key concepts, LOIs and related concepts of their current unit. They used their analytical skills and evaluation skills in order to narrow down to the focused concepts of the unit.

They also prepared notebooks in a creative manner so that it becomes easier for them to refer when they want to.

Maths :- 

Learners revised the concepts of polygon and quadrilaterals so as to have a conceptual understanding before beginning the quadrilaterals.


As a class we discussed chapter 1 of the reader. We then read chapter 2, and understood about the communities and ceremonies. Learners are curious to know about who’s the receiver, giver!


UOI :- See the videos and answer the question asked in the end. Also make notes:-



If you were to choose your government system, which one would you prefer and why? Write in the UOI Notebook

Lang :-  Complete reading till chapter 2. We will have a Kahoot quiz tomorrow for the same.

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