Highlights and Homework – 11/08/2016

Highlights and Homework – 11/08/2016

Dear parents,


Students did a Jigsaw activity based on a story. They were given a cutout from the story and were asked to guess if it was the beginning, middle or end. Later, they predicted the story and shared it with the class.


The students used the thinking routine ‘I see’ ‘I think’ ‘I wonder’ to reflect on the pictures that were shown. Later, the teacher introduced different forms of energy and ended the session with poems on ‘Energy’.


Students were introduced to data handling using research skills.



Observe the number of parents using 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler to drop their child at your respective stop.

[Unit Of Inquiry]
Research on the form of energy given and write the following in the scrap book:
1. Definition of the form of energy
2. Where do we get it from ? (sources)
3. Where and how do we use it ?
Keep Reading 🙂



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