Parent Teacher Interaction (PTI) – 24th August to 31st August

Parent Teacher Interaction (PTI) – 24th August to 31st August

Dear Parents,

It’s time to meet again and take a step further in understanding your child’s needs towards achieving holistic development. We, as teachers strive to establish partnerships with parents to support student learning as well as their development as a child.

As informed earlier, this year onward instead of three reporting terms we will have two (Parent Teacher conference and Student Led conference) which will be held in November and April respectively. In the PYP, we have come up with a new initiative to conduct PTI (Parent Teacher Interaction) which is starting from 24th August to 31st August. Each parent will get 15 mins individually with the teacher to discuss about the child. The parent can also meet the ILT ( Hindi/Gujarati teachers) but the PE & the Arts team will not be available.If you want to discuss anything related to PE and Arts you need to take an appointment on some other day to meet the respective teacher.

The main purpose of the PTI meeting will be to understand and support the child from the teacher’s perspective as well as the parent’s. This meeting will also help the parents to understand and reinforce school’s philosophy. The teacher will be discussing about the child’s behavior, participation, work habits, progress, areas of improvement as well as will update you on goals set in July. As a parent you may think and note down all possible points that you would like to discuss with the teacher.

The child is not supposed to attend this meeting. In case, if you do not have any option but to bring your child along then he/she will not be allowed to attend the meeting. The student will have to wait in the corridor or be in the library.

Find below the schedule of PTI meetings with different grades.
24th August: Grade 4
25th August: Grade 5
26th August: Grade 6
27th August: Early years
29th August: Grade 3
30th August: Grade 2
31st August: Grade 1

It is compulsory for both the parents to attend the PTI meeting as strong communication is fundamental to our partnership and also to building a sense of community between home and school. The homeroom teachers will soon be opening the slots for you, kindly book your convenient slot.

If you have any query, please send a message through the daily diary communication to the HRM teacher.


Sanjana Amarnani
(PYP Coordinator)

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