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Day: August 20, 2016

Important Note For Sr. KG Parents!

Important Note For Sr. KG Parents!

Dear parents,

Kindly note, as a part of a learning engagement for our new unit ‘Healthy Lifestyle’, Sr. KG will be having “Fruits Day” on Monday, 22nd August, 2016. We request you all to send only fruits in their home meal break tiffins for the same.

Looking forward to your cooperation!


Sr. KG Team

Highlights of the week ( 16 august- 19 august)

Highlights of the week ( 16 august- 19 august)


Circle time:

Phonological awareness:

  • Word of the week-“Knowledgeable”
  • Morning message:­ We observe and learn new things.
  • Drill:

Q:    What is your surname?

Ans: My surname is………

  • Teacher asked the students to give rhyming words( The ending set of sounds are same, eg Black-rack, Touch- punch, rack-track)
  • Teacher formed a circle and said 2 words.Then, the students were asked to clap if they heard the rhyme and also asked not to clap if the 2 given words are not, if teacher said “sad” and “bad”, students clapped, if teacher said come and go, students did not clap.Other lists of words are: forck-cock, train-chain, wire-fire, cattle-battle, ball-hall, table, cable,tin-pin.
  • Teacher asked students to sit in the circle and told them to change the first sound of their names to ‘t’ or ‘f’ or’s’.E.g. tasnim fasnim, suchi fuchi, payal fayal, manisha fanisha.
  • Teacher played a game: Simon says-In this game, When teacher said, ” Simon says, Stand up and jump 2 times”, students got up and followed the actions given by teacher. Teacher had given all other instructions like: clap 3 times and hop, turn around and sit down, pull your ears, roll your hands etc.
  • Teacher said some rhymes with changing some sequence of words, eg baa baa purple sheep…, dumpty Humpty sat on a wall…., Jill and Jack went up the hill…. And asked students to say the correct sequence. This activity has enhanced their listening skills.

Entry ticket:

  • Before numbers of 2,3,4
  • Word of the week
  • After number of 4
  • Rhyming word of cat

Exit card:

  • Tell the words of s,a,t,i sounds
  • Tell the sounds of the letters s,a,t,i.
  • jump/clap/tap 3 times
  • Tell the rhyming word of fan
  • Tell the number comes before 6.


Introduction of Rhyme:

Oh I am knowledgeable,

oh yes, oh yes, I am.

I like to learn a lot of things,

remembering all I can.

Oh I am knowledgeable,

oh yes,oh yes,

I like to learn about the world,

to help my action plans.

Revision of rhymes:

Willoughby wallaby wee, an elephant sat on me

Willoughby wallaby woo, an elephant sat on you.

Willoughby wallaby wabrielle, an elephant sat on Gabrielle.

Willoughby wallaby wevan, an elephant sat on Evan

And, Finishing with all the children’s name.

Later, Students were asked to  make rhyming with their names using any sounds they want.

A fishing we will go(2), we’ll catch a fish and put it in a dish and never let it go.

A hunting we will go(2), we’ll catch a fox and put it in a box and never let it go.

Humpty dumpty sat on the wall..

Incy wincy spider….

Free play:

  • Jodo blocks
  • Rangomatery
  • Wooden blocks
  • Clay
  • Ganit mala
  • Puzzles

PlayHouse: The learners were taken to the playhouse wherein they took up different roles as father, mother, uncle, aunty, kids etc. and played with the resources provided to them. This activity helped them to develop their social skills.

Puppet theater: Learners were divided  into groups of 4. Each group was provided with one puppet.
And were asked  them to discuss about  questions:

[1.Is your puppet human? Or animal? Or something completely different?2)How old is your puppet?3)Is your puppet a boy or a girl?4)What does your puppet look like? 5) Is your puppet mean? Nice? Happy? Sad? What kind of personality do they have? 7) Does your puppet have a lot of friends? Or do they prefer to be alone?8)What is your puppet’s favorite food?9)What does your puppet like to do for fun?]
Then, they described their puppet in front of the class.

This activity has helped learners to improve their communication skills.


Revision of letter “p” through different learning centers:

WS 1:clay sticking and letter tracing on laminated sheet of letter i & t  

WS 2: letter i worksheet ( circling)
WS 3: sorting of the picture objects with its letters ( i & t)

WS 4: letter clipping ( associating letter with its objects)

WS 5: free writing on the slate.


  • Introduction of tricky word “he”.Teacher introduced to read a sight word through the sight. It was read as a whole word and it is used for a boy/man.Example: he is a boy, He is doing his worksheet.
  • Reading sight word booklet of “he”.Teacher sit in the circle and showed how to hold a book.Then, the teacher distributed the book to each child and read all the pages along with all the children.After reading a book, all the students were asked to colour the pictures of the book.
  • Blending of the letters s..i…p, t…a…p.,p..i..t…Teacher reinforced all the letter sounds, then used different strategies like open hand to close hands, use fingers for three letters and catch a word, use your hand with three parts and mix it and make a word sit.
  • Letter p worksheets
  • Reflection of letter p associated objects through slates, board, oral, paper as per teacher’s choice.
  • Drawing book:Page no 19 & 20


Homework: Drawing & colouring book P.N. 21 & 23



Revision of number 5.

The teacher talked about the 5 senses rhyme. After that the teacher asked students – what was that rhyme about? Then, the eacher asked them how many senses we have and asked to count them all with fingers for example showing them five fingers (symbol for number five).

Revision of identifying of pattern on board (whole class) thenafter using different manipulatives. For example, Rangometry, jodo blocks etc

Introduction of number 6.

Teacher showed the dice to all the students and asked them how many sides are there in dice? Then, she counted all the 6 sides of the dice and followed it with all the students.Thereafter, the teacher made introduced the quantity of number 6 through ganit mala, jodo blocks and by using a number board.After doing it, the teacher also introduced the formation of number 6 in the air and on board.

Number booklet – 6

Patterns: The teacher has drawn different patterns on the board from which Learners were asked to identify the given pattern.Learners were also asked to create their own pattern by using any 2 attributes.

Revision of number 6 through learning centers:

Center 1: Association of number 1 to 6 – hammering activity / clipping

Center 2: Identify the pattern – two or three options were there and they had to identify the correct one.

Center 3: Sticking clay on number flash cards

Center 4: Create your own pattern with beads (beading)

Center 5:Worksheet on number 5

Guided play:

Learners were asked to sit and to pop like a popcorn.The teacher has given the chances to the one who popped out.Then, the learners had to pick up one letter p flash card from the mixed letters i & p picture flashcards from the given basket.Post, the learners were asked to stick it on the picture of popcorn box which was pasted on the wall.

Madku game: Learners were asked to stand where the frog picture was stuck.Teacher gave a dice to the learners where the quantity of numbers were drawn through dominoes dots, which they had to throw and  jump like a frog on the written numbers. Also they were asked to do it many times till the learner reached to the bee’s picture.This activity has enhanced their learning of identification and association of numbers 1,2,3,4,5.

Visual arts activities:

Learners were given paper plates, paints and punching machine where they were asked to paint the paper plate and punch it with punching machine.This activity has enhanced  their fine motor skills.

Firefly pattern book: P.N. 4 & 5


Transdisciplinary theme :- Who we are

Central Idea:- We use our senses to discover and understand our world.


  • Field Trip to deaf and dumb school.
  • Unfolding of central idea through a dice game: In this game, all the learners were asked to sit in the circle and the teacher has shown a dice where different pictures of eyes, nose, ear, hand, tongue were pasted on each side.Later, the teacher started a game by throwing a dice on one of the child and that child was asked to identify the picture and the sense.This activity was done with all the students.Moreover, the teacher asked which sense has been used by them while doing this activity and unfolded the central idea.


Formative assessment of identifying all the senses through picture flash cards.


Transdisciplinary theme :- How we express ourselves

Central Idea:- Stories are told in variety of ways for different purposes.


  • Shadow play:The story “ room on the broom”  (by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler) was presented in the dark room


Before shadow play, teacher explained what is shadow and how it is formed with activities like:

  1. Teacher darkened the room and formed shadow by using torch and showed them that when we keep the torch before our hands, the reflection falls on the wall, it is called as shadow.
  2. On a sunny day, teachers took learners out of the class and made them stand under the sun and show them the shadow.



  • Kindly send the worksheet in the folder itself.
  • Please share your child’s reflection at home about his/her learning through Daily Dairy.



Jr KG team.


Grade 12_Biology_Highlights_of_the_week

Grade 12_Biology_Highlights_of_the_week

Dear Parents,

This week we started new chapter : Defense against infectious disease, we discussed human defense system. Further we discussed skin at a barrier for pathogenic organism to enter human body and also discussed how blood clotting helps us to protect from pathogens. We also covered phagocytes and lymphocytes and their role in defense mechanism in human body.



Jay Kosambia

Celebrating ‘Culture Fiesta’: Grade 2

Celebrating ‘Culture Fiesta’: Grade 2

Dear Parents,
As you are aware that we have started with our unit related to ‘Culture’. Till now, through different learning engagements, the students have explored 2 keywords ‘culture’ and ‘art forms’. The students have understood what is culture and what are different aspects/elements of the culture. Through the definition of culture, the students have also understood different features of culture.
Definition of Culture – It is a way of life agreed upon by a group of people living in a community. It is learned and is transmitted from one generation to generation.
The students are also exploring different art forms in their Single Subject classes.
To create an opportunity for the students where they share about their own culture and learn from each other, we have planned to organize an event ‘Culture Fiesta’ on 1st September.
This activity is in the context for LOI 1 : what constitute culture ?
Kindly help your child know about their own culture and prepare a small concise presentation on it. It’s an open-ended task for the students and they can prepare it using chart paper, handmade paper, booklet, scrap book or they can even prepare a PPT based on it. 100% student involvement/participation is required in the process.
Their presentation should include information related to the spoken language, food, art forms – music/dance/drama/visual art, cuisine/food, festivals, beliefs/superstitions, values/ethics, ceremonies/important occasions, artifacts, attire/clothing, conduct/behaviour, traditions/customs/rituals, etc.
The last date of submission is 26th August.
The students will be presenting their own culture in front of their peers on 1st September. They have to come dressed up as per their culture and  bring one artifact, and one food item that represents their culture to the school on that day.
Do not worry about the artifacts, we will take care and send them back on 6th September along with the students.
Kindly send the uniform for the change in their bags.
In case of any doubt, kindly contact the respective HRT.
Seeking for your kind co-operation.
Grade 2 Team
Grade 8_All Sections_Language & Literature_Highlights of the Week

Grade 8_All Sections_Language & Literature_Highlights of the Week

Dear Parents,

Here are the highlights of this week for Language & Literature Classes :
Language :
An activity on article writing was conducted wherein students attempted to write an article on ‘Are Nuclear Weapons Peacemakers or Killing Devices ?’ They were asked to read various articles, discuss and arrive at their points. Then, they attempted to write their article on the given topic. Few tips on writing a good article were given to students. As part of grammar component, students completed the activities given in the Checkpoint Paper.
Book Club :
The students were taken to the library and they read their books as part of their book club.
Language Team Event : Just a Minute
The first round of this event will be conducted in the language slot on 22nd August, 2016.
Language Team
OGIS Football Competition 2016-2017

OGIS Football Competition 2016-2017

Dear Parent,

Please note that the below listed students will be going for the OGIS football competition on 25.08.16 sharp at 2:00 pm. The students will leave from the school for the venue.

The competition is on 26 & 27th August.16 and will be held at Calorx Olive International School ( Ahmedabad ), the students have to report at the venue on 26th Aug.16 at 8:00 am.

Please note, that all the students needs to be in their school uniform while reporting at the competition venue.

The arrival details will be update by the coach through SMS.

U-10 U-12 U-14 U-16
Sr No Name Grade Name Grade Name Grade Name Grade
1 Samarth Vaidya 5 Arjun Shah 6 Rishabh Bothra 9 Ujjawal Shah 9
2 Aadi Lineswala 5 Veer Davariya 6 Deval Gandhi 9 Kalp Patel 10
3 Sunay Kabra 4 Aditya Gondalia 6 Yash Zaveri 9 Jay Dasadia 10
4 Agastya Agrawal 4 Pratham Khetan 6 Tilak Patel 8 Kunj Savani 10
5 Daksh Dhingra 4 Punnet Jajoo 7 Samyak Jain 8 Mitansh Desai 10
6 Dhwanit Desai 4 Pathey Mehta 7 Jay Mavani 8 Aryan Kapasia 10
7 Rajat Gothi 5 Nimit Agarwal 7 Harsh Dhaniwal 10 Anay Shanghvi 12
8 Mahimnasinh Gohil 3 Sanuj Shangvi 7 Vansh Valani 9 Pranav Agarwal 10
9 Suhaan Sutarya 4 Shreyansh Agarwal 7 Manas Arora 8 Prabhav Mehra 11
10 Daksh Sarasiya 5 Krish Rathod 6 Divyansh Vakharia 7 Kalpesh Makwana 10
Dhwanit Sawlani 6

Note – Expenses incurred while this competition will be deducted from the Imprest Amount.

Things to carry - 

  • Football Kit
  • White & Black T-shirt ( for matches )
  • 1 – Light Snack box, 1 – heavy snack box & Fruits.
  • ID Card

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Bhasin.




Grade 9_All Sections_Language_Highlights of the Week

Grade 9_All Sections_Language_Highlights of the Week

Dear Parents,
In the last two weeks, the unit on Report Writing was continued and a worksheet was discussed in the class. Students participated actively and solved the questions on Report Writing. As part of writing a report on Sleeping Habits of Young Indians, students have been asked to design a questionnaire and conduct a survey. They are expected to look into these aspects of the issue – sleeping habits as well as nocturnal activities of youth and their awareness of the consequences of late night sleeping. They can read health journals, watch videos and find out more information about the research conducted by doctors, as well.
A crossword puzzle was also discussed with them as part of helping them develop their vocabulary. It was observed that they found it interesting.
Unit Test :
A unit test on Note-taking and Summary was conducted in the class.
Book Club:
Students were taken to the library and they read books as part of  their book club.  An activity to enhance their thinking skills was also conducted during the book club slot.
Language Team