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Day: August 21, 2016

Highlights of the week_ Grade 9 _ Eureka & Fortuity _ Interational Mathematics (Extended)

Highlights of the week_ Grade 9 _ Eureka & Fortuity _ Interational Mathematics (Extended)

Dear Parents,

Below are the details of what we did in International Mathematics over the past few days.

From 25th July to 29th July,

  1. A detailed discussion was done on quadratic sequence and cubic sequence through worked examples of each of the sequence.
  2. After this, students solved exercise 2.42 and exercise 2.43 from their IM book.
  3. Then, we started with Geometric sequence wherein students were taught how Geometric Sequence is different from Arithmetic Sequence and the general formula for finding the nth term of a geometric sequence
  4. Based on the explanation of Geometric Sequence, students solved exercise 2.44 till Q4.


From 1st August to 5th August,

  1. After Geometric Sequence, we started with compound interest as an example of geometric sequence wherein students were taught how amount can be calculated after certain no. of years using the formula of Geometric sequence with the help of a worked example given in their IM book.
  2. With this, students were also shown Q5 of exercise 2.44 which was based on Compound Interest and Q6 of exercise 2.44 were given to them to be done on their own. Hence we could complete all the exercises (from 2.41 to 2.44) of the unit- Sequences from their IM book.
  3. During this week, we also had an event of Math which was- Click Mathematica which was conducted during Assembly slot on 3rd Students presented their chart work which had different pictures clicked by them on the concepts they were provided with. The pictures/images clicked by them were of the things they see around them which had Mathematical concept involved.
  4. Apart from text-book exercises, they were also provided with 2 worksheets of Sequences for extra practice, the doubts and the answers of which were discussed later in the next week.


From 08th August to 12th August,

  1. We started this week with a discussion on the 2 worksheets of sequences which were provided to them through Google Classroom. These worksheets catered to different types of questions on Sequences which helped the students to have a better understanding of the concept.
  2. Then, we began with the new unit in this week, Unit no- 5 Quadratic Equations. First of all, we had a quick discussion on what a Quadratic equation is and how it is different from Linear Equation. Along with this, they were also shown the general form of Quadratic Equation which is ax2 + bx +c=0.
  3. With this, they also had a quick revision of one of the methods of solving Quadratic Equations, which is Factorising Method, as it was taught last year also. Then, they were directed to solve exercise 2.24, 2.25 and 2.26 from their IM book wherein they had to solve all the given quadratic equations using Factorising method.
  4. After this method, they were taught another method of solving Quadratic Equations, which is Completing the Square Method, with the help of few examples. Before they could actually understand and solve the quadratic equations using the method of Completing the Square Method, they were first given an idea of what are perfect square numbers, what are trinomials, what are perfect square trinomials and how to make a square of a binomial from a perfect square trinomial. Based on this explanation, it was then easier for them to solve the quadratic equations given in exercise 2.27 as per Completing the Square Method.


From 16th August to 19th August, 2016

  1. We started this week with the explanation of Quadratic Formula Method. To begin this, they were first explained the derivation of the Formula of Formula Method.
  2. Then a few examples of Quadratic Equations to be solved using Formula Method were shown to them in one of the slots which made it easier for them to solve exercise 2.27 again with Quadratic Formula Method.
  3. During the last slot of this week, they were given a few questions of Quadratic Equations in the class which were asked to be solved using different methods learnt till date. Hence, it was a sort of revision of all the three methods of Quadratic Equations for them.



Urvi shah


Highlights of the week_Grade_8_Hindi_All sections

Highlights of the week_Grade_8_Hindi_All sections

Dear Parents and Students,

We started a new topic  “Role of Media”  where  we had interactive discussion on the topic of “Role of media” with the students.

Students were made understand different types of media  like Television – for entertainment, Radio – puts me in a good mood, Internet – a key source of learning, Magazines – keeping up-to-date with the latest styles and trends ,Newspapers – to be informed with the latest news.

The response had been amazing . We discussed about types of media , Its uses , Its important in our daily lives etc.

We also had full fledged discussion of advertisement . Students were asked to make group and prepare  advertisement on charts and  role play accordingly.

We also shown an animated video on Internet . after that we had discussion on different uses of internet.

IMG_20160811_094712483 IMG_20160811_094732131 IMG_20160811_094905410 IMG_20160811_094935776 IMG_20160811_115431896 IMG_20160811_115657534 IMG_20160811_115704833 IMG_20160812_133410856 IMG_20160812_133717894 IMG_20160812_134003729 IMG_20160812_134242296



Hindi team


Grade 11_English SL_ Important Announcement

Grade 11_English SL_ Important Announcement

Dear Students,

We understood what are documentaries and the various narrative strategies that film-makers use to convey their messages.

Here is a link to the presentation.

What are Documentries

Please go through the presentation and be prepared for a short oral quiz on Monday.

For all those who completed their written tasks today great job, you all do understand that writing and reading extensively is the key to get a good score in this paper.

IMPORTANT: Get your chromebooks and headphones on Monday without fail !