Highlights of the week_Grade_8_Hindi_All sections

Highlights of the week_Grade_8_Hindi_All sections

Dear Parents and Students,

We started a new topic  “Role of Media”  where  we had interactive discussion on the topic of “Role of media” with the students.

Students were made understand different types of media  like Television – for entertainment, Radio – puts me in a good mood, Internet – a key source of learning, Magazines – keeping up-to-date with the latest styles and trends ,Newspapers – to be informed with the latest news.

The response had been amazing . We discussed about types of media , Its uses , Its important in our daily lives etc.

We also had full fledged discussion of advertisement . Students were asked to make group and prepare  advertisement on charts and  role play accordingly.

We also shown an animated video on Internet . after that we had discussion on different uses of internet.

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