Highlights and Homework – 27th August

Highlights and Homework – 27th August


Language: we shared our emotions that we connect to a colour. Then we started reading chap 12 of The Giver.

Math: Today we learned to solve composite shapes. We found the area and perimeter of composite shapes.

UOI: Today we learned more about rights and responsibilities of India and then explored and revisited our school rights and responsibilities. Now they are all geared to make rights and responsibilities for their Micronation.

Homework :

Maths: Mix bag homework has been posted by Rachana Ma’am, it has to be done in geometry notebook by Wednesday.

Complete the area and perimeter worksheet shared with you, if not done yet.

Watch the video-Venn Diagram based classification and draw it in geometry book-  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoXLb0WRBMA

Go to below links to practice area and perimeter.





UOI: Make display/add in PPT, rights and responsibilities of a citizen of micronation.

Click white and black pictures from home. Click pictures of your room, house, friends,etc. Collect memories of your day to day life in black and white. Bring camera in school on Wednesday, if you want to add school memories in your bucket.

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