Highlights and Homework – 29/08/2016

Highlights and Homework – 29/08/2016

Dear parents,

U.O.I : Students went for a field trip to an ‘Eco Farm’ after which they reflected on their understanding for the unit “Energy”. 

Language: The answers of the poem ‘Louder Than A Clap Of Thunder’ were discussed. Later, the teacher created a poem with students’ inputs on the board which was copied by them in their Empowering English Notebook.


U.O.I : Watch the following video :


Language: Students have to answer Q-2 and Q-4 in their Language EE notebook.

Challenge: Make a poem titled ‘Softer than a feather falling.’ The last line should be: That’s how soft my aunt whispers. (Minimum: 6 lines)

Pinky Shah



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