Highlights and Homework 30th August, 2016

Highlights and Homework 30th August, 2016

Day 6, Tuesday.

UOI: Learners learned more about Polar zone and Greenland through an article that was read by the teacher.

Math: Learners practiced word problems.

Language: Formative assessment was taken. Reader chapter 3 was read.


Language: Posted on the common blog.

Math: Solve the following sums: 

Find the sum of nine thousand and two hundred and six thousand four hundred and twelve.

Find the difference between eight thousand two hundred and six and four thousand one hundred and five.

Subtract the following:

  1. 7000 – 4329
  2. 8001 – 5628
  3. 4000 – 2393

UOI : Read the article given in the link below: 


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