Highlights and homework – 30th August’16

Highlights and homework – 30th August’16


Learners collaborated and worked for their micro nation. They are very enthusiastic to represent their nation.

Homework :-

Language :

Groups 4 and 5  in Language need to collaborate and finalize only 20 questions for the competition which will be held tomorrow. For this one member of the groups need to create a document on your drive and share it with the rest of the members, with editing rights. Each member of group 4 and 5 will put in the questions they have formed and finalize 20 from that. The final 20 questions can be highlighted to organize your work.

Groups 1, 2 and 3 of Language will complete reading of Chapter 12 of the reader.

LD :- Complete the weekend home task on Page 30 and 31 from your LD textbook.

UOI :-

Students will explore any organisation/ family business. They are free to go in pairs, individually or in groups (max 4). They will answer the following questions in their U.O.I notebook: –

What is the name of the organisation that you explored?

Who was the Head of the Organisation and what is his role? Is he the decision maker in the organisation you explored? -How many departments did it have?

What was the role of the each Head of Department?

How did they ensure the smooth running of their organisation?

Does the organization work on a set of values or policies?

What are the rights and responsibilities of the people of the organization?

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