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Day: September 13, 2016

Global Perspective – Syllabus for Term 1 Exam

Global Perspective – Syllabus for Term 1 Exam

Dear Students,
Please refer to the below given details for Term 1 Examination.
1) Syllabus- Employment, Family and Demographics and Transport Systems.
2) The paper will comprise of 60 marks.
3) Time given for the same is 1:15 hours.
The same will be discussed with you by your teachers during GP Slot.
Fountainhead School.
HIghlights and homework for 13th September 2016

HIghlights and homework for 13th September 2016

[Highlight Of The Day]


Learners read the 23rd Chapter of the book ‘The Giver’ using the inferencing strategy.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Students showcased their understanding on the ongoing unit through the Country Mela.


Complete your reading till Chapter 23 of “The Giver” using the inferencing strategy.

Answer the following question in your journal-

What do you learn about what ‘release’ is? How do you feel? Does this change your opinion about the community? What do you now think about the community?

See you all tomorrow… 🙂

Highlights and Homework of 13th September, 2016

Highlights and Homework of 13th September, 2016

Day 1

Highlights :

Language : Students watched a video on Hellen Keller. Later, there was a discussion on it about the challenges she faced and how she overcame those challenges. Students shared responses featuring their understanding that ‘People with handicaps are differently abled’.

Math : Learners understood the terms in context of survey- population, sample, sample size. Later, they  understood that results will be better if asked from more people.

Students selected portfolio piece for number strand.

U.O.I : Teacher shared the rubric with the students.


UOI:  Finish writing the project script if you have still not done it. Tomorrow we will be presenting in class based on it.

Recap of the day – 13/9/16

Recap of the day – 13/9/16

Language –  Teacher read aloud the story of “King Midas” from the link mentioned below. Later She made a grid (like the one on page number 41 from Empowering English). and shows the learners how to fill the grid. Teacher did I Do and WE DO. later the same was copied by learners .

U O I –  Learners watched videos explained by teacher and made connections with the line of inquiry  Impact of human on the physical environment and relationship between  location and  settlement.



Watch this videos and revise today’s learning:

Language –  Read the following stories and fill the Grid as taught in class

congratulations to the semi finalists (kindly learn the same poem with proper voice modulation ,expression, prepare it well for the semi final tomorrow.)

  1. Sanchi Khanna[Imagine]
  2. Saara Dalal[Imagine]
  3. Sharan Khurana [Imagine]

Homework and Highlights for 13th September.

Homework and Highlights for 13th September.


Math :

Learners revised the properties of quadrilaterals and compared-contrast the quadrilaterals based on properties.


Discussion till chapter 22 of Giver was done with the learners and how to write a conclusion with regards to paragraph and extracting the ideas by reading between the lines was practiced.


Micronation Mela was done in the last 2 slot of the day were learners presented their own imaginary country to teachers and grade 5 students.



  1. word-scramble – you need to unscramble and write the words in a a4 sheet which need to be attached to your UOI notebook After each word, you need to write its meaning in minimum two lines. – Give a heading – Scramble Governance
  2. Revise -Characteristics of good governance, meaning of rights, responsibility and accountability. – Understanding of various forms of government.

Language :

In your journal, write answers to below

  1. What do you learn about what ‘release’ is?
  2. How do you feel? Does this change your opinion about the community?
  3. What do you now think about the community”


Solve the following in your geometry Notebook:




Happy Learning!!!


Richa Sarda

Highlights and Homework- 13 September 2016

Highlights and Homework- 13 September 2016


Language:-Students appeared for the Formative Assessment on ‘Simile’ and ‘Descriptive Words’.

U.O.I : Students were given time to work on their model. Later, they were explained how are they supposed to conduct the survey. Also, discussion upon the points to be included in their presentation of the model was taken up.

Teacher shared the parent assessment checklist with the students.


U.O.I:- Prepare for your Summative Assessment.

Language: Students have to learn the dictation words given below:-

sometimes intelligently frantically slowly desperately
madly anxiously gracefully later now
soon tomorrow carefully definitely surely
Highlights and Homework for 13th September

Highlights and Homework for 13th September

Day 1

[Highlight Of The Day]

UOI – Students continued with their Assessment. They started making infograph for Task 3.

Language – The poem Paperboats by Rabindranath Tagore was taken up from Empowering English. The learners discussed poet’s purpose behind writing this poem. They also answered few questions in their Language notebook.


UOI – Work on your infograph and ensure that all the answers are covered in it. Make sure you use relevant pictures for the text that you write in the infograph. Make as creative as possible and do mention your name on it.

Keep reading!! 🙂

13th September,2016 Highlights and Homework

13th September,2016 Highlights and Homework

UOI- Learners completed task 2 of the assessment and started creating info graphs.

Language– We experienced yet another poetry- Paper Boats by Rabindranath Tagore. Learners showcased their understanding by interpreting not only the literal meaning of the poem but also the beyond literal message in the poem.

Math- Interview, as a method of data collection was explored in detail.We looked into the interview process, advantages and disadvantages. They also interviewed their partners and evaluated their questions.


UOI- Answer the question in the given journal sheet:

Unit end reflection – 3
1) Which learning engagement helped you understand the central idea of the unit?
2) Which learning engagement provided opportunity to understand ‘How we organize ourselves’ with ‘CI’

Language- Write down the meanings and make sentences with the following words: dawn, bloom, launch, bulging