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Day: September 16, 2016

Highlights and Homework for 16th September, 2016

Highlights and Homework for 16th September, 2016

Day 3

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KUDOS!!! You all did amazingly well in the SA task. Keep working hard 🙂



A Self Assessment for the unit- “Energy” was done by the students.


The students read Charlotte’s Web using Monitoring Inner Conversation Strategy.


Students were introduced to the terms- Population, Sample and Sample size with various examples. The teacher compiled the data collected by them through the survey on ‘Awareness for conservation of Energy’ in the form of frequency table and plotted a graph for the same. Later, the students noted the same in their graph books.



Prepare a frequency table and plot a graph for following picture in your graph book. Student can write conclusion for the same. (Keep in mind the points highlighted in class)



Read the same pages back at home from your reader- Charlotte’s Web in front of your parents, to enhance your reading fluency.

Learn the following Dictation words:

sometimes intelligently frantically slowly desperately
madly anxiously gracefully later now
soon tomorrow carefully definitely surely

Enjoy the weekend 🙂

Mathematics: Cube and its roots

Mathematics: Cube and its roots

Grade7 – G7 Insight
Homework submitted by:
Submission Date: Mon Sep 19 2016 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Complete Q.16,17,18,19 and 20 from Square, Cube and its roots worksheet in your math notebook. Please refer similar steps of Q.13 for Q.16.

Hope you have added few extra questions posted in respective Google classroom on 13th Sep that needs to be added in worksheet. Those are below.

Q.7 – f. 0.2 squared and g. (-6) to the power 4

Q.18 – h- negative 0.729

Q.19 – e. Cube root of negative 8

Important note:
1. Kindly copy questions.
2. Show all necessary steps
Expected Time: 60

Reply to the concerns related to MYP, raised during Connect session

Reply to the concerns related to MYP, raised during Connect session

Dear Parents,

During last Connect meeting held on 14th September, 2016, few concerns and queries were raised regarding MYP. I would like to provide answers and guidance for each of the queries raised during that session.

1. Concern regarding the number of unit test/formative assessment conducted so far, sending of checked papers at home, number of assigned homework per week etc.

The following link will provide comprehensive data regarding number of unit tests/formative assessments conducted so far in all MYP subjects, the number of papers that have been sent home, the number of homework given per subject and current status of resource folder.

Data regarding no. of unit test conducted till 16th Sep and homework for MYP

Parents are requested to note the following things-

  • All formative and most of the summative assessment (checked) papers have already been handed over to the students. When we send unit test log to the parents, before that we handover the papers. Parents are requested to ask their wards to show the papers. In case if the child doesn’t carry the paper then please ask the concerned teacher and clarify the matter. Now onward, after handing over summative assessment papers, we will also inform parents through blog post. Students need to keep these papers at home.
  • While sharing the unit test record log, we will also mention whether the paper has been handed over to the students or not.
  • Homework is regularly assigned but submission of homework is not happening consistently. From our side, we will definitely ensure that students complete the assigned task on time but parents are also requested to ensure that children complete the homework and submit them on time.

2. How to prepare students for their term 1 examination.

  • This is a valid concern. As grade 7 students are going to appear for a formal examination for the first time, they will guided by their teachers. We already have revision plan in place. Revision will happen in all subjects from 1st October.
  • In the resource folder (Name- Grade 7: Resources for Students and Parents), we will also upload Formative and Summative assessment papers for your reference. The Term assessment papers will have similar kind of questions. Also note, the questions will not be exactly same.
  • We will keep on adding more resources in the shared Resource folder.
  • Blog post regarding the nature of question paper and syllabus has already been done for all the MYP subjects where Term assessment will happen.
  • Students are highly recommended to make their own revision plan at home to revise all the topics taught so far in all the subjects. In senior school, students need to develop their own study habits.

3. In order to score well, how to make the students aware of their areas of improvement.

Kindly note the following action plan-

  • Now onwards teachers will write the feedback on the formative assessment paper to provide guidance.
  • Wherever possible and as per the nature of the assessment task, we will upload the formative assessment rubric/task specific clarification in the ‘Grade 7: Resources for Students and Parents’ folder.

In case if you have any further query related to MYP programme, please feel free to ask me. You can also meet me tomorrow during Open house.

We welcome and appreciate all constructive feedback in order to improve teaching and learning at FS.

Thanks and regards

Saolee Roy

Results of the Literary Event:Poetry Recitation

Results of the Literary Event:Poetry Recitation

Dear All,

Today was the Final Round of the First Literary Event of the academic year 2016-17. We all were so glad that all the finalists were so well-prepared and confident. We would really like to thank all the parents for their efforts which were quite evident .

The winners of the event are :

  1. Hitarth Diwan
  2. Sanchi Khanna and Yatna Seth.

Heartiest congratulations to the winners and also to all the students who participated. We really appreciate the hard-work put in by all of you.

Here are the few glimpses of the spectacular event:

img_20160916_090314 img_20160916_090316 img_20160916_090320 img_20160916_090325   img_20160916_090622 img_20160916_091003 img_20160916_091325      img_20160916_091514  img_20160916_091611 img_20160916_091832 img_20160916_091835 img_20160916_092015 img_20160916_092922 img_20160916_092942 img_20160916_092948 img_20160916_092957

G5 Conglomerate and Collaboration – Highlights for 16 Sept, 2016

G5 Conglomerate and Collaboration – Highlights for 16 Sept, 2016

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Students tuned into the new unit by having an Exploration table activity . They explored different books and pictures on living beings and filled the KWL sheet noting down things they already know (checking prior knowledge) and things they want to know more about. 

Learners throughly enjoyed this activity. Below are a few glimpses of the same.











homework for the day 16/09/2016

homework for the day 16/09/2016



Solve the problem sum in your notebook. Poonam ma’am withdrew Rs. 76,789 from her account. The initial amount in her account was 1,28,790. Find the amount left in her account.


Read the following stories and fill the Grid in the language notebook itself.

Grade 8_Zest, Verve_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_16th September,2016

Grade 8_Zest, Verve_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_16th September,2016

Dear Parents,


Lets get acquainted with this week:

  1. The week started with the explanation of  algebraic identities, where students solved many questions by applying the algebraic identities in the multiplication of Algebraic expressions.
  2. Students solved exercise 2.8 and 2.9 which was again based on algebraic identities and also few sums of exercise 2.7 through identities.
  3. One slot was given for unit test-4 that included Profit and loss, marked price and discount and expansion of brackets and factorizing by grouping the terms.

Thanks and Regards,

Ankita Nandwani.

Grade 7_All Sections_Language and Literature_Highlights of the Week_&_Homework

Grade 7_All Sections_Language and Literature_Highlights of the Week_&_Homework

Dear Parents,

Sneak peek into the week gone by :-

English Unit – 2 ( Poetry Unit) -:

We completed reading and discussing the poem ‘The Unworthy Gift’ by Tagore. As part of the learning engagement, we analyzed the poem and the use of the  literary device ( Symbolism and Pathetic Fallacy) for this poem.

Students also attempted questions based on this poem in their notebook.
For Language enhancement, few sections were able to complete the idioms activity given in the Empowering English for the poem – Unworthy Gift. Students were asked to find the meaning and frame sentences using the given idioms. This activity will be conducted for other sections on Day 5 or Day 6.
Book Club -: Presentation of the books read in the book circles during this slot. Few sections attended read aloud session by Tahira Ma’am.  Students are encouraged to read the library books and make timely presentations.
Homework -: 
Complete the question given below in the language notebook -:

Q.1. Have you met People who say polite things that they do not feel or mean? Write a letter to a friend describing one such person and how you feel around him/her. In your letter, you must use a minimum of 5 idioms that you have learned in class.

Homework Submission Date -: 20/09/16.


Jatin Makwana