Highlights of the week 26th- 29th September

Highlights of the week 26th- 29th September

  • Circle time


  • Read aloud were done from the Sr. KG monthly read aloud list

  • Activities related to syllables, sentences and alliteration were taken up in Phonological Awareness

  • WOW – Calcium and proteins.


  • Math:-

  1. Dictation of number names from 1 to 30 was taken.

  2. Revision of O’clock,forward and backward counting.

  3. Revision of descending order and Skip count by 2 (1 to 50)

  4. Revision of all the above concepts through Learning Centers

  5. Summative assessment was taken for the concept of after\before\middle numbers, forward and backward counting, greater\less than.

  • Language:-

  1. Revision of tricky words- before, other, because, want

  2. The learners framed the sentences on their own and were asked to copy the sentences from the board in their notebooks.

  3. Revision of og, ox, op, ot word families was done.


  • UOI: Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Transdisciplinary theme: Who We are

  • Central idea: Choices people make affect their health and well being

  • Field Trip to Star bazaar:- Students went to Star bazaar. Here, they were introduced to the LOI:How choices we make affect our health (Responsibility). They were given exposure to different  items related to the food plate displayed in the grocery area. Teacher informed them that how the choice that we make to buy/not buy these things affects our well being.


  • Formative assessment of 5 components of the healthy lifestyle (food, hygiene, exercise, recreation and rest) and the different food groups (fruits, vegetable, grains, meat & beans, dairy products, fats\oil and sweet) was taken up.


  • Homework:

    • Write all the words of ‘og’, ‘ox’, ‘op’, ‘ot’ word families in the notebook. (1 time)

        ( Refer the notebook or booklet for the  words).

Important note:

  • Sending the reading log for the month of October and kindly send the reading log of September on Monday.

  • Kindly revise the math and language curriculum

  • If your child is reflecting about his\her learning at home kindly let the HRT know through Daily Diary (DD).


Happy weekend!!



Sr. KG Team.

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