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Day: October 4, 2016

Mathematics: Laws of Exponents

Mathematics: Laws of Exponents

Grade8 – G8 Zing
Homework submitted by:
Submission Date: Wed Oct 05 2016 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Copy 9 laws of exponents in your Math note-book.

Also, complete exercise 2.12 in your note-book. (All the sums are to be done in your Note-book).
Expected Time: 15

Language Event – Cross and Nought (5th October)

Language Event – Cross and Nought (5th October)

Dear All,
A quick reminder about the Language team event tomorrow.
‘Cross and Noughts’ (better known as Cross and Zero or Tic-tac-toe), an event led
by the language team will be held tomorrow.
Students will form a team of 5, each representing their house.  All the four teams will compete against each other in order to win this event.
Grade 7 – HippoDrome (Total 5 students from each house across all sections to participate)
Grade 8 – Pulse (Total 5 students from each house across all sections to participate)
Grades 9 and 10 – Assembly (Total 5 students from each house across both grades and all sections to participate)

Grade 7 event will be led by Nupur Bansal, Grade 8 event by Smriti Dhariwal and Grade 9 & 10 will be led by Dhwani Bapna.
Fountainhead School.
Important Note:

Important Note:

Dear parents,

The first round (audition) of the literary event ‘Poem Recitation’ is on 6th October. Kindly prepare your child for the same. You can choose a poetry from the links below.

Poet Links
Kenn Nesbitt
Jack Prelutsky
Thrid and fourth grade poetry selection.
Homework for 4th October

Homework for 4th October

Day 2



1. Watch the Videos:

2. Define: Adaptation, Camouflage, Hibernation, food chain, food web, mutualism, commensalism, parasitism in your own words in your workbook. (By Thursday)

3. Use this blendspace link as a reference for reading material related to this unit.     You may also use the workbook given yesterday for reading material. DO NOT DO ANY OF THE ACTIVITIES GIVEN IN THE WORKBOOK.

4.  Complete step 4 and 5 of your case study on wetland. Share your research through the sheet shared with you.

MATH - (By Thursday)

Plot the graph in your graph-book for the following:

Due to increasing clothes brands of kids like Liliput, Chalk, Pink and blue, etc. Gini and Jony is facing huge loss. So now the owner of Gini & Jony Mr. krish decides to conduct the survey to know the emerging demand of kids.

Out of 100 kids, 45 kids voted for t-shirt and shorts, 35 voted for jeans and t-shirts, 15 voted for shirts and pants and 5 opted for Indian wear.

Draw a frequency table on the survey conducted. Construct a bar graph and derive a conclusion.

Keep reading!!                                        

Grade 10_India Studies_Highlights of the week.

Grade 10_India Studies_Highlights of the week.

Dear Parents & Students,

We have completed the Term-1 syllabus in India Studies. From tomorrow onward, we will begin with the revision.

Students are requested to refer to articles shared on Google Classroom for better understanding of certain topics.

Also, they are requested to refer to all the Units and Case Studies and come up with the concerns and get it resolved before exams.


Hina Hakim.

Highlights and homework of 4th October,2016

Highlights and homework of 4th October,2016


Language: Students were read Chapter 3 – ‘Escape’ from the reader. They used the ‘Questioning Strategy’ to comprehend the same.

Math: Homework was discussed in the class.


Language: Students have to learn the dictation words and frame sentences using any 5 words.

picked rain developed
simple exercise window
cells eggs difference
paint train distance
mind blue heart
love wish site
cause drop sum


Highlights and Homework of 4th October 2016

Highlights and Homework of 4th October 2016

[Highlight Of The Day]

U.O.I : Students made connections with the essential elements and lines of inquiry of the current unit.


Language: Students have to frame brilliant sentence using the following  words :

  1. energy
  2. suddenly
  3. ready
  4. moon
  5. believe

Challenge: Make a poem using a simile, an onomatopoeia(sound word) and an alliteration (Atleast 6 lines).


Recite and practice poem for the Summative Assessment and Literary event.


Orientation for the Surat Student Parliament

Orientation for the Surat Student Parliament

Dear Students,


The Surat Student Parliament is a concept for student conferences that focuses on addressing current socio-legal issues faced by our nation. The Student Parliament aims to provide an opportunity to learn about politics, a stage to express opinions, and network with some of the most opinionated youth of today.

The fundamental reason for the creation of this student parliament is that there is no real platform provided for students to raise their opinion in a structured manner. The procedure has been designed so the students would furthermore be exposed to a sense of clarity and sensitivity about Indian governance and policy-related decision making.

Held in the city of Surat (Gujarat, India) on the 13th of November, 2016, SSP is an initiative to promote familiarity with national issues, and a platform for expression not only for the debaters, but also for the writers, the artists and for all those who believe in a better tomorrow.

An orientation session for students will be conducted on Thursday (6th October 2016) at Y-Box from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Students interested in participating, as well as students interested in being a part of the organizing sub-committees, can attend this orientation, get a clearer idea about SSP and register.

For any further queries please call us on: +91-9725643841 or email us at:




Fountainhead School.



Highlights and Homework for 4th October, 2016

Highlights and Homework for 4th October, 2016

[Highlight Of The Day] [Unit Of Inquiry]


[Unit Of Inquiry]
  • Stick the materials discussed in the class for all three laws of motion and describe them. (in UOI notebook)
  • Read this article and take notes in your UOI notebook- –
  • Design and conduct a simple experiment to test your new learning about all three laws of motion. You can either record it or explain it with a drawing and procedure. Keep it simple and clear. Use objects that you already have or are easily available. Write scientific method. ( I have shared an example of scientific method on your e-mail, go through it and follow appropriate method)
  • Watch this video and attempt the quiz to deepen the understanding of 2nd LOM
  • Watch this video to enhnace your understanding about laws of motion
  • You will have UOI FA tomorrow.