Highlights of the day 04-10-16

Highlights of the day 04-10-16

Day 2

Learners attended the assembly conducted by Grade 4 students and other single subjects.

Math – Introduction to graph, data handling and purpose was done in class with the hands on activities. Learners enjoyed it and learnt elements of graph. Also they understood the difference between bar graph and pictograph.

Children who were absent today can also do the homework as Math notebooks are already with you.



Watch the below mentioned link and solve the sums in Math homework notebook.

Q 1)  Marc Brown wrote a book and published 48, 526 copies. Because the book was popular among the readers, the publishers decided to publish a second edition with 31, 354 copies.
a)Find the total number of copies published.
b)What is the difference between the first edition and second edition?
Q 2) While playing computer game, Kaya scored 13,218 points on level 1 and scored 19,701 points on level 2. Find out
a) What is the sum of the points she scored in level 1 and 2?
b)  Out of that, she lost 7002 points. What is her score now?
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