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Day: October 9, 2016

Highlights of the week ( 3rd Oct to 10 Oct)

Highlights of the week ( 3rd Oct to 10 Oct)

Circle time:

Revision of pre math concepts.

Wiggle: Days of the week.

Revision of after/before number, forward counting.

Phonological awareness:-

Blending was done.


Revision of all the rhymes done till now and introduction to the new rhyme:

H” Makes Me Happy

H is for hair and H is for hand

H is for heels on which we stand

H is for houses here and there

H is for hats seen everywhere.

H is for hearts and horses too,

H makes me happy, how about you?

Free play:

Jodo blocks
Wooden blocks

Puppet theater:

Learners were taken to the Puppet Theatre and the teacher narrated a story “ Mungo Lost and Found” using hand puppets.

Introduction of letter ‘h’ and ‘r’ was done through various activities.

Words with ‘h’: holiday,hammer,hot,house,hut,hungry,humpty dumpty,halloween,hanger,hook, highway,hospital,hot,hotel,hook,horse,hippo,hulk, hero, hop, hula hoop, hummer, hundred


Words with ‘r’ :
rain,rain coat, rope, rickshaw, roar, ride, run, roll, raindrop, rocket, rug, red, ring, rabbit, radio, rainbow, ribbon, rubber, rubber band, robot, rectangle rattle , raspberry, rice, rooster, rubber truck, roller skates, rose, rope, reindeer, ruler, rolling pin, rattle, raccoon,rock, radish, river, run, recliner chair, road

Sight words – was, to, do were introduced.

Learning centers were done for the reinforcement of letters ‘h’ and ‘r’.

Guided play: Ring game for the reinforcement of letters ‘c’ and ‘k’.


Introduction of greater than less than through a story.

Introduction of after number through an activity.

Introduction of backward counting.

Introduction of pre math concepts “full and empty”.

Formative assessment :

1.Identification of pattern and extending pattern.

2.Forward counting .

3.Sorting with color/shape/size.

4.Identification and Quantification of numbers.

5.More and less.

Firefly book: Page no.28,29, 34.

Visual arts activity: Learners done hand printing and made rocket.

Learners also made hedgehog using terracotta clay.

Drawing book page numbers : The learners did coloring on pages 26 and 27.


Transdisciplinary theme :- How we express ourselves

Central Idea:- Stories are told in variety of ways for different purposes.

  • Read alouds by teachers in different sections for the revision of elements, structure of the story was done.
  • Parent/Grandparent read aloud was done in each class for the ways stories are told. (Focusing on traditional way)
  • Every day read aloud was done for enhancing high order thinking, making personal connection, message conveyed in the stories.
  • Presentation of story was done by the learners wherein they have to present the story  in group and teacher asked questions like elements, structure of the story, message conveyed, and what they would have done if they were at character’s place (making personal connection) This activity also enhanced their presentation skills.


    Language – Coloring booklet for letter ‘h’.

    Note: Please send one object beginning with the letter ‘h’ or ‘r’ for show and tell activity.

    Have a great weekend !!!


    Junior KG Team