Highlights and Homework Of 3rd December, 2016

Highlights and Homework Of 3rd December, 2016


Language :Students were introduced to sense words through a video. They also shared their favourite things and identified how they were able to enjoy their favourite things using sense words. Later, they used the sense words to frame sentences.

Math: Homework was discussed by solving the sums on the board. Later, students appeared for formative assessment.


Language : 1) Learn Dictation words from the Fry List- Seventh Hundred List 2.

2) Make a sentence on the following sensory words/phrase in your Language Writing book/paper:

  1. misty
  2. roar of traffic
  3. topsy turvy land
  4. thoughtful
  5. lush grass

ICT : Practice the ICT skills on google slide:

1) Choose theme and template keeping the content, audience and mood of the topic in mind.
2) Choose layout of the slide keeping the design of content in mind.
3) Insert a new slide, duplicate a slide and delete a slide.
4) Edit the appearance of the text box, such as background color and a border
5) Edit the appearance of the text itself, such as font size, color, and styling like bold, underline, and italic
6) Create bulleted list breaking down paragraph into points
7) Use research sidebar for in-app Google search for text, images and videos. Preview and insert directly into presentation
8) Insert images and apply image editing options as needed
9) Sharing the presentation ( view, edit and commenting rights)
10) Commenting on the presentation.

Note: Kindly sign the Math formative assessment and bring it on Monday. 

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