LEAP:- Visible thinking routine- CSI

LEAP:- Visible thinking routine- CSI

In the previous cycle students of grade four learned a new visible thinking routine CSI – ‘Colour. Symbol. Image’.

What kind of thinking does this routine encourage? This routine asks students to identify and distil the essence of ideas from reading, watching or listening in non-verbal ways by using a color, symbol, or image to represent the ideas. It can also be used as a reflection on previous events or learning. The synthesis happens as students select a color, symbol, and image to represent three important ideas. This routine also facilitates the discussion of a text or event as students share their colours, symbols, and images.

Learning engagement:- To give a clear contextual  understanding of this routine the previous year’s reader ‘The magic faraway tree’ was taken up. Students along with teacher identified a colour, symbol and image which represent the main idea of the book . Once they were clear with the routine they independently applied this thinking routine on our current reader ‘Charlotte’s web’.

It was delightful to see the enthusiasm each student displayed while doing this exercise. They came up with wonderful representation of the reader with a justification of the chosen colour, symbol and image. For example- For colour,some of the students chose brown colour as the main character Wilbur (pig) likes to stay in mud; for the symbol they came up with different symbols showing ‘friendship’ and ‘Don’t kill animals’ as that is the main theme of the story. And for the image they drew the main characters/setting of the story.

Glimpses of the session.

img_0520 img_0521 img_0522 img_0524 img_0525 img_0526 img_0527

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