Highlights and homework of the day(day 6)

Highlights and homework of the day(day 6)


  • Students read a new chapter in EE-The world of animals. The chapter has been explained as well. Answers have been discussed.
  • Read aloud was done.
  • Reading time was given.
  • LWE:

    Week 12, day 1 was done.


  1. To the start with the concept of multiplication, the strategy of Grouping and sets was introduced through manipulative.
  2. Math notebook: The Grouping strategy was practiced with students’ involvement.
  3. The students learned the concept of repeated addition/grouping using Ice- tray and beans.




Empowering English- Ch- 13:

Students will complete question no. 2 and 3 in the language notebook.

Question 1 and 4 in the EE book itself.


Shruti and Namrata 🙂

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