Homework- 13th Dec.

Homework- 13th Dec.

Complete your LWE homework of Yesterday.

  • Read the introduction of Week 9.
  • Write Parsing, Punctuation and Answer orally in LWE notebook.

Math: .Amrita ordered an XLarge Pizza for a party. Following table shows what part of pizza each has got:

Friend’s Name Fraction Percentages Angles(in degrees)
Riha 1/10 10 36
Akshat 3/10 30 108
Krish 2/10 20 72
Vanika 1/10 10 36
Anand Remaining pizza


30 108

Answer the questions:

1.How many pieces do the pizza have?

2.Who ate the maximum part of the pizza? Akshat and anand     

3.What % of pizza did Krish have ?

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