LEAP- Classify it!!

LEAP- Classify it!!

The LEAP session in the previous cycle catered to the strand of ‘Multiple intelligence- Math smart’. Students here applied their knowledge of odd and even numbers, prime numbers, multiples, factors and divisibility rules.

Materials provided : –

 This game was played in pairs and each pair was given a set of four dice and 2 different colour counters for both the players and a game board.

 How to play the game:-

-Each player takes  turn to roll the dice and adds them up. The player then chooses one  classification hexagon on the board which matches the total  rolled. He covers this    hexagon with one of his counter.

– If a players  does not find any hexagon which matches  his total ,he passes the dice to      his partner.

– The game finishes when all the hexagons are covered.

– The winner of the game is the person who manages to cover most of the hexagons.

Students were able to play this game independently and enjoyed it  as they were thorough with all the math concepts catered in this game.

Glimpses of the session..


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