Highlights and homework for 16th December 2016

Highlights and homework for 16th December 2016



Students reflected upon the guest speaker session which was led by Chetan Mehta sir to discuss about the initiative taken by one of the fountainhead students, Kushal Shah, to conserve water. They identified apt LPs and attitudes he showcased and his medium of expression too. Further, they got into their groups and brainstormed about other media of expression they can use to convey the same message.


We, as a class, have created a mind map about a persuasive letter so as to convince the parents to allow their children to stay at their friend’s house for a night. They produced valid argument viewpoints and supporting details too.


1. Complete the math mix bag homework posted by Rachana ma’am.

2. Punctuate and parse the statement under week 9 day 2 in your LD notebook.

3. Colour the card given to you in today’s library slot along with a sweet and lovely christmas message for the receiver.


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