Highlights of the week -12th to 16th December

Highlights of the week -12th to 16th December

[Unit Of Inquiry]

1.Read aloud of a book followed by the reflection sheet about the 5 elements of a story i.e. Character,setting(When and where),problem,solution and PLOT-(Beginning,middle and end).

Focus on the following things was made while reading books:

  • What information does the cover page of the book gives us?
  • Focus on Author/Illustrator/character/publisher
  • What is the theme of the story? ( big idea/message)

2.Read aloud of the book- ‘ A chair for my mother’ through which students were introduced to  Personal narrative writing in the form of Small moments-( It means any memorable moment we have and then to elaborate it with details.  )

Learners had to think of the small moments of their life and they made their own stories too.

Following steps were followed :

1.Use graphic organizer to plan writing.
2.  Organize ideas in a logical sequence.
3. Use appropriate writing conventions  (eg. word order)
4. Proof read own writing making some corrections & improvements.


  • Reading of the Chapter 9 (Manu kaka’s special pets)

 Advertisements of pet shop (cutout of animals which they brought from home)

2.Read aloud of the book “The Mystery of a Jewelled egg”(Cambridge reader)

-After reading the book teacher made  Word splash of the word ‘mystery’.

3.Introduction to the new reader book”Captain Coconut and the missing bananas!!!

We clarified the difference between read aloud and a grade reader by sharing the given information with our students-

“READ ALOUD- Parents/teachers read aloud to you so that you can  enhance  listening and speaking skills. By asking/answering, by being good observers.
It is not necessary that the students will be able to read the book that was read aloud
READER- Apart from the above points it is expected from all the students to read the book  independently too.”

5.Dictation and formative assessment was conducted.


1.Revision of 3D shapes and their properties-

  • Sphere- 1 face, no edges and no vertices
  • Cube- 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices
  • Cuboid- 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices
  • Cone- 2 faces, 1 edge, 1 vertex
  • Cylinder- 3 faces, 2 edges no vertices.

2.Introduction of two-digits addition sums with regrouping:

  • Teacher demonstrates addition of 2 digit numbers with regrouping with the help the place value kit.
  • Individually learners demonstrated with the help of the place value kit.
  • Students in their Math notebooks illustrated the whole process of addition.

    Students  used the language of addition  for example add,  plus, sum,  addend,.
    regrouping of addition of whole numbers (2 digits + 2 digit).

  • Video was shown to enhance their understanding about regrouping:


Week 11 day 2 to Week 12 game

[Circle Time]

1.Structured Drill

I like the books of the author_________(name) because…..

  1. Whole class activity –Story making. Teacher starts by speaking the first line eg- Once upon a time…. all students add on to the story one by one.

3.Reading -exploring different books by different authors.


  • Language:Complete the given worksheet.
  • Math:
  1. Students need to solve the following sums in their Math notebook :

28 + 26, 34+ 29, 75+37, 88+ 34

  1. Write the ordinal number names for the following numbers-

13th,14th,20th,9th,11th and 10th.
Important Note :Kindly check the homework which we send on every Friday (only mix bag operation – Math/ Language).Teachers will just go through the same and give feedback to the students , if needed. Looking forward for your cooperation.


Grade 1 team.

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