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Day: December 19, 2016

Important note..

Important note..

For parents who did not attend the PTM ,we have sent the Learner profile and Attitude reflection sheet.Kindly illustrate or write about any 1 Learner profile and 1 Attitude your child demonstrates the most and send it back on Wednesday.



Jr KG Team


Important points for trip to Gir, Beyt-Dwarka (Grade 7)

Important points for trip to Gir, Beyt-Dwarka (Grade 7)

Dear Parents,

As you are already aware that students of Grade 7 are going to Gir, Beyt-Dwarka for their educational trip. Please note the given below important points for the same.


  • Dates:
  • Batch 1: 23-29 Dec (Envisage, Idea, Vision and Cognizance)
  • Batch 2: 24-30 Dec (Insight, Perspicacity and Acuity)
  1. It is mandatory for all students to carry their school ID-card with them for the trip. If you do not have Id-card, please contact Front desk and they shall give you new Id-card (Charges will be applicable). 
  1. Grade 7 students have to carry  their ORIGINAL PASSPORT/AADHAR CARD; which ever they gave at the time of booking.  Please note that it is mandatory for all to have their original id to go for Safari booking. In any case if you do not carry original ID, you will not be allowed to go for Safari.  It will be student’s responsibility to take care of their IDs.
  1. Kindly note that any kind of junk food is strictly prohibited. You can carry dry snacks for travelling as per Friday food policy. Please refer to the link below to know Friday food policy.
  1. Students are strictly not allowed to carry any kind of music player/I-pod/I-pad/Mp3 player. Also cellphones are not allowed. If found, it will be confiscated.

We request all parents to please ensure that your child does not carry any of the above mentioned items. You can carry camera, but that will student’s responsibility.

  1. Please carry necessary & required toiletries and medications. Sweet-sour toffees will be provided from school for motion sickness.

7. Please carry enough warm clothes (as it will be quite chilly) and comfortable clothes. Your luggage should be packed preferably in a bag pack. Students will carry their own luggage.


In case of any query, please do let us know.


Fountainhead School.

Science Fair Invitation

Science Fair Invitation

Dear Students,

You are cordially invited to visit Science Fair on 21st December, Wednesday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. It will be held at Rendezvous and Bridge Area.

Grade 7 and 10 students will visit the fair in the below mentioned slots:

Time Section Subject
11:15am to 12:05pm
Acuity Math
Idea Language
Vision Math
Cognizance Language
Harbinger Language
12:05pm to 1:00pm
Insight Language
Herald CoSP
Envisage Math
Perspicacity CoS
Quintessence Language


Science Team
Results of Grade 5 Inter house music competition 2016-17

Results of Grade 5 Inter house music competition 2016-17

Dear parent,

Pleased to share that the Grade 5 inter-house music competition was held on 16th December, Day 4. Students participated with great enthusiasm and commitment. The whole audience appreciated their talent and hard work.

Here are the winners’ name:

Category Tabla:

1. Vivann Khanna – Collaboration – Liberty – 1st
2. Shaurya Agarwal – Conglomerate – Dignity – 2nd

Category Drum set:

1. Aadi Lineswala – Coalition – Dignity – 1st
2. Meet Raikangor – Conglomerate – Liberty – 2nd
3. Rishikesh Pikawala – Alliance – Integrity – 3rd

Category Guitar:

1. Bhav Jogani – Alliance – Integrity – 1st
2. Mahin Bhavsar – Consortium – Integrity – 2nd
3. Aarya Upadhyay – Collaboration – Integrity – 3rd

Category Keyboard:

1. Aaryan Bhajanka – Conglomerate – Dignity – 1st
2. Prisha Agarwal – Synergy – Integrity – 2nd
3. Deep Rathod – Coalition – Unity – 3rd

Category Vocal (Singing):

1. Arya Talera – Symbiosis – Liberty – 1st
2. Navya Sahni – Symbiosis – Dignity – 2nd
3. Dixita Sarawagi – Conglomerate – Unity – 3rd


Important note for Sr.KG parents.

Important note for Sr.KG parents.

Dear parents,

Please note the following important points.
1) For the sports day please make your child wear thermal and not the school jacket as it is difficult to run and handle the jacket when it becomes hot.
2) Please don’t make your child wear the I-card as it hinders when they are running.
3)Compulsory school or sports shoes to be worn. No crocs , slippers or sandals will be allowed.
4) Monday is no screen day so neither the child nor the parents are allowed to watch any type of screen.(eg-t.v, Laptops,mobiles,any other gadgets)
5) Kindly send 2 objects for decorating the Christmas tree by tomorrow.(eg- bells, stars, gifts etc)
Sr.KG Team
Highlights and Homework of 19th December, 2016

Highlights and Homework of 19th December, 2016

Stars of the Day:- Saanvi, Sanyam, Shanaya, Ksivean and Murtuza for being responsible to take parent’s signature in their F.A. notebook.animated gif


UOI: Students shared and described their artefacts that they got from home to represent their culture and spoke about the belief /value attached to it with their classmates.

The students formed questions for the panel discussion.


Language :  Copy the following passage in your Language E.E Notebook and colour- Similes in blue, Sight words in red, smell in yellow, hearing in green touch in purple and taste in orange. Then, ask yourself- Are they happy (positive) or sad (negative) words?

I came downstairs still wearing my pajamas and saw a bunch of magazines on the rug by  the couch, toppled over from their usual stack on the coffee table. Then I saw the bad mess in  the kitchen. The jars with Miranda’s baking supplies are usually lined up along the counter, but  one of them was on the floor in pieces, and there was flour everywhere. The stench of the broken eggs cannot be ignored along with the strong smell of toast burning somewhere near. There was a click sound and the door opened. Dad was standing in  the middle of it, wearing a suit: shiny black shoes, pressed work pants and shirt resembling the colour of sky on a clear summer day; his hair still wet from the shower. Dad turned around and got some bread and butter, and honey. The toaster sounded like it hurt when he pushed the lever down. It was old and never made the toast right. I could still feel the pungent taste of the toast I had last night along with some smooth scrambled eggs.

Note: Please send back FA books back after acknowledging. Those who have sent please ignore.

Recap of the day – 19/12/16

Recap of the day – 19/12/16

Math – Learners learnt and practiced Partial product method in multiplication .

U O I  – Learners were given a butterfly kit to do hands on practice of making 6 simple machines .They were super excited.

Learners colored christmas cards and wrote a message in it.

Learners self checked the homework sheet.

Homework - 

Math – Solve the following using partial product method

Solve the sums using partial product method:

A)15 x 9              B)  29 x 7                       C)     32 x 6

Math c.w note book has been given for reference.

Language – Worksheet based on dialogue has been given with explicit instructions.(which has already been practiced in class.)


Highlights of the day 19th December,2016

Highlights of the day 19th December,2016

Day 5, Monday.

MATH: Learners learnt Partial product method of multiplication.[2×1 and 2×2]

Partial product method:

LANGUAGE:Learners added dialogue in the given story and also identified thougts and actions for the dialogues.


MATH:Solve the sums using partial product method:

a)15 x 9

b)29 x 7

c)32 x 6

LANGUAGE: Complete the given worksheet.

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