Highlights of the week 19th December to 23rd December.

Highlights of the week 19th December to 23rd December.

Circle time:

Word of the week(wow) – Letter, word and sentence.

Revision of days of the week and months of the year was done.

Phonological awareness:- Listening activities: Here the teacher made a few complete and incomplete sentences using alliteration making the kids understand that a sentence is composed of speakable, meaningful words. A sentence is like a small story, it tells you something and has a name who or what it is telling about. Also a revision of rhyming words was done.


Revision of all the rhymes done till now and introduction of a wiggle was done.

Free play:

Learners were given different toys :

Jodo blocks


Wooden blocks



They enjoyed playing with the toys and mingled up with their friends.

It helped them in enhancing their Social and Communication skills.

Puppet theater:

Learners were taken to the Puppet Theatre and the teacher narrated a story using puppets.It was based on Habit 5 – “ Seek First to Understand and then to be Understood”


  • Introduction of the letter ‘u’ was done through various activities.
  • Formation of the letter “u”-  It starts with make a standing line then take a curve go up come down and a tail.

Words with ‘u’: Umbrella, underwear, ugly, up, urchin.

  • Introduction to the tricky words :here, there.
  • Learning centers were done for the reinforcement of letters ‘o’ & ‘u’.
  • Revision of all the taught letters.


Language – Writing of letter ‘i’ in note book. Please make the child write only on the dot and not on the cross. Teach them to touch the lower line and write.


Revision of all the taught concepts were done through exit card(forward, backward,before, after,greater than less than,pairs and pre math concepts.)

Revision of before numbers was done using different manipulatives through centres.


Math – Pg no 48-49.


Transdisciplinary theme :- How we organize ourselves

Central Idea:-

People’s need determine how they use the spaces and facilities in and around buildings.

Learning Engagements:

  • Learners were taken to the Green City and Star Bazaar where they gained an understanding that spaces can be rearranged as per their changing needs.
  • Here they used their Self management skills, Communication skills to come up with different ideas to rearrange the things as per the needs.

Important note-

1.Please revise the taught curriculum regularly.

2.Please read to your child daily.

3.Please give regular writing practice to your child for the letters and numbers which were taught them for writing.


Jr.KG team.


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