Important Policy Updates

Important Policy Updates

Dear Parents,

Please make a note of the changes/additions made in the policies given below. I request you to please go through all the updated points as these points are important.

Changes/Additions made

Guideline for Night Out – Birthday Celebration:

  • If any student has their birthday during the night out, they cannot have a cake cutting ceremony or get any cake/cupcake/treat for the entire grade.
  • Birthday’s can be celebrated as per the celebration policy. The teacher will lead it and make the birthday of the student a special day by a meaningful celebration in whatever ways they can e.g. by giving a birthday card to the student, other students singing a birthday song for the student etc.
  • Parents are requested not to send cake/any treat (for the entire grade) to celebrate birthdays during the night out.

For detailed policy, please refer to this link – Guideline for Night Out

Guidelines for Nature Camp – Birthday Celebration guidelines are same as mentioned above.

Food Policy:

  • Students are advised to carry healthy food only.
    • It is better to stick to healthy food – but while traveling if it is not always possible, then they can eat junk food. If food is not available then teachers will talk to the vendor to provide an alternative and as per request vendor may provide junk food or teachers will arrange it themselves. But students are not allowed to carry or purchase junk food during these trips. The teacher can negotiate and have an understanding with the students beforehand.
      • Junk food includes all packaged food, chocolates, soft drinks and all other junk food as we normally use.

For detailed policy, please refer to this link – Guidelines for Nature Camp

Uniform Policy

  • School shorts (with the Fountainhead logo) are acceptable as school uniform on a regular basis as per the wish of the student. During field trips (for e.g. if they are going for a field trip to the zoo) students should wear school uniform full pants (denim or any other full pants are not allowed) unless it has been specified by the teacher that they can wear shorts. Even during the PS classes, students can wear school shorts with school uniform t-shirt or their house t-shirt. Students are not allowed to wear school shorts in the science lab. They have to wear school uniform full pants only.

Consequences (Senior School):*

Students will not be allowed for the following things if not wearing full school uniform pants:

  • To do practicals in the science lab even if it is their final exam, IA submissions etc.
  • To go for the field trip. They have to remain in the school.

For detailed policy, please refer to this link – Uniform Policy

Chromebook Policy

General Instructions:

  1. It is mandatory for all students to purchase Chromebook immediately after joining the school and carry Chromebook to school from the first day. Any student without a Chromebook will be put on detention until they bring the Chromebook. In case a student has purchased it, but it is taking time for delivery, so they are required to produce any proof of purchase e.g. receipt of purchase, email or note from the vendor. After submitting the proof they will be exempted from detention.


  • In case of Chromebooks purchased from outside, in case the warranty isn’t accepted by the local service dealer, then the school has no responsibility for the same.
  • In case of a new purchase, students need to submit the Chromebook to the IT department to get the CMC done from school.
    • Surprise Chromebook checking in the classes will be done time to time and if it is found that the Chromebook is without CMC then it will be confiscated for seven working days. If by mistake any student removes the CMC then they need to immediately contact IT team to get it activated again otherwise, the same consequence will be applicable.
    • Any Chromebook without CMC will be treated as the student haven’t brought a Chromebook to school. In this case, the student will be put on detention until they purchase the CMC.
    • The CMC needs to be purchased for every new device e.g. if a student’s Chromebook is not working and s/he decides to purchase a new Chromebook then again CMC needs to taken with the new Chromebook.  

For detailed policy, please refer to this link – Chromebook Policy

Toys and Gadgets Policy

  • Students are not allowed to bring any gadgets (PSPs, Playstation, I-pod, I-pad/Laptop (allowed grade 5 onwards to be used inside the classroom only. In rare cases if students have to bring mobiles phones for communication for safety purposes, then parents should send prior information (note, daily diary, email) and the phone should be off once inside the bus and should be handed over to the HRT first thing in the morning.
    • Confiscation of devices such as mobile phones (1st Instance – this includes instances across years and not limited to 1 academic year), iPods, hard drives, pen drives will be done for a 1 month, after which parents have to come and pick up the device. It should be stored in Vault and the Coordinators are responsible for the same.
    • 2nd Instance (for mobile phones) – It will be confiscated and will not be returned to the student or parent. It will be given to charity.  

For detailed policy, please refer to this link – Toys and Gadgets Policy

Transport Policy

  • Bearer card is mandatory for parents when you pick your child from the bus or from school. The school will not be responsible if it is lost. In case the card is lost, you need to report it immediately to the school in writing( email to  and get a new bearer card issued. The cost of the same is Rs. 100/-.  
  • Students living far away from the school will be picked first and dropped at last. That is how the bus routes are made. It is logical that the students living near the school will have less traveling time.
  • In order to shorten the route/timing; the highway routes will not be added as it has safety concerns.

For detailed policy, please refer to this link – Transport Policy


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