Highlights and Homework for 26th December 2016

Highlights and Homework for 26th December 2016

[Highlight Of The Day]

U.O.I : Summative Assessment task was discussed with the students and the rubric was shared so that the expectations are clarified.


Math: Find out 3 equivalent fractions for the following: (show calculation)
a) 2/7
b) 5/8
c) 4/6
d) 3/5
e) 9/11

Language: Copy the following passage in your Language E.E Notebook and color- Similes in blue, Sight words in red, smell in yellow, hearing in green touch in purple and taste in orange. Then, ask yourself- Are they happy (positive) or sad (negative) words?


I came downstairs still wearing my pajamas and saw a bunch of magazines on the rug by  the couch, toppled over from their usual stack on the coffee table. Then I saw the bad mess in  the kitchen. The jars with Miranda’s baking supplies are usually lined up along the counter, but  one of them was on the floor in pieces, and there was flour everywhere. The stench of the broken eggs cannot be ignored along with the strong smell of toast burning somewhere near. There was a click sound and the door opened. Dad was standing in  the middle of it, wearing a suit: shiny black shoes, pressed work pants and shirt like the color of sky on a clear summer day; his hair still wet from the shower. Dad turned around and got some bread, butter and honey. The toaster sounded like it hurt when he pushed the lever down. It was old and never made the toast right. I could still feel the pungent taste of the toast I had last night along with some smooth scrambled eggs.

Bibliography– www.readworks.org

U.O.I : Students have to continue to collect ‘Artefacts’ which can include items such as newspaper articles, posters, books, pamphlets, photographs or equipment that are related to their traditions, culture, rituals, beliefs and values to put up on the graffiti wall or the culture capsule. Parents, kindly encourage your child to carry these to their classroom as they are a valuable tool in initiating conversations.

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