Homework for 26th December

Homework for 26th December

Day 4



1. Write the given words 3 times and meanings (one time) in your EE notebooks: barred, interplanetary, jagged, creatures, babbled, dangerous, nodded.

2. From Chapter ‘The zoo files’ – Pg. 77of EE – Draw the ship to show your understanding of where the creatures were, and how the people looked at them. (to be done on an A4 sheet)


1. Complete step 4 of your research work. (Chromebook to be used for the same.)

2. Collect pictures related to your aspect and content in the picture/image folder that you have made.

3. Take a print out of a world map and spot and mark your civilization on that map. Stick the map in your UOI notebook. (Submit on Wednesday – 28th Dec)


1. Get any antique(very ancient) product (utensils, toys, coins, papers, books, etc) from home. Label those items with a price tag and each amount should be in decimals. The amount per item should not extend more than Rs 1000 but it should be in decimals. Research on that item/items (when people used it, where was it used, what were its advantages and now do they use any similar kind of product) and write it on an A4 paper in order to persuade others to buy that product. Make your product look the best so that others are persuaded to buy it.

2. Solve  Q. 3 and 5 (pg 11) and Q. 2 and 3(pg 12) from the Math Decimal workbook given to you today.

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