Highlights and Homework – 29/12/2016

Highlights and Homework – 29/12/2016

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After dividing the students into random groups, using an interesting strategy, they were shown a video. The students watched the video and later, identified and underlined the sensory words that they found in it and presented their findings to their peers.


Summative Assessment – The sharing of culture capsule and graffiti wall  happened with the buddy class where the peers just observed the artifacts, rituals and traditions and noted it down in their notebooks. They will further analyze independently the values and beliefs behind their peer’s artifacts, rituals and traditions.



A) Dictation words Eight hundred – list 1

B) The students will read the story of- “The monkey who wanted to swim” and write a gist of the same in their Writing NotebookThe Monkey who wanted to swim

Once there was a monkey that could do so many things other animals could do. He could run fast, carry heavy loads, bark like a real dog and moan like a goat and many other things. He would always tell other animals that he is the most superior animal because he resembled a man.

One day, while he was walking near a river, two big ducks in the water challenged him to swim. He didn’t know how to swim but there were other animals that heard the challenged and prodded him to join the race in the water. He accepted the challenged and jumped at once into the water. But alas, the water was so deep that he drowned.

Bibliography– http://www.juantamad.com/the-monkey-who-wanted-to-swim/

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Practice fractions using the following links

Equivalent fraction:

B) Simplify the following fractions: 
a) 42/68
b) 45/60
c) 72/81

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