Homework- 29th December

Homework- 29th December

Complete Math and Lang mixed bag worksheet,posted by Rachna ma’am.

Complete the reflection sheet of UOI (Influence unit.)

Math- Make the questionnaire (atleast 10 questions) on the selected topic.

1. Imagine you are going to open a restaurant and you want to know the taste of local people who stay in the nearby area.
2. Imagine your group as the designing team of a leading electronics company which wishes to enter the cellphone market in India through the launch of the first smartphone by them. Design a survey questionnaire which will help you to develop your device according to the audience’s needs.
3. The head of your family wishes to open an international school for which he/she needs to know what are the ideal characteristics of a school. Help him/her in this initiatve by conducting a survey and knowing students’ perspective about it.
4. You are a member of the student council of school. The school management wishes to make certain revisions in school’s uniform and food quality and seeks your suggestion.

Test your survey, to check the accuracy of the form. Ask questions from 5 to 10 people and check whether your purpose is solved or not.

Enjoy the NEW YEAR.

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