Highlights and Homework of 29th December, 2016

Highlights and Homework of 29th December, 2016


Language: Students read and simultaneously comprehended the chapter 9 of the reader “Charlotte’s Web”.

UOI: Summative Assessment – The sharing of culture capsule happened with the buddy class where the peers just observed the artefacts and noted it down in their notebooks. They will further analyze independently the value and belief behind their peer’s artefact.

Homework :

UOI:  Research on the artefact observed in the buddy class and find the belief/value attached to it and write it down in your UOI notebooks.

Math : Practice fractions using the following links

Equivalent fraction:

Language :

A) Read chapter no. 8 and 9 of Charlotte’s web for pleasure reading.

B) Dictation words Eight hundred – list 1
C) Punctuate and Parse week 15, Day 5 in your language writing book.

This New Year may you be blessed with courage and confidence to spread your wings and turn each day into an adventure of learning and fun.  🙂

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