2nd January 2017, Highlights and Homework

2nd January 2017, Highlights and Homework

Wishing you all a great year ahead!!!

UOI- Learners worked on their assessment as per the feedback and suggestions given to them. A demo of how they should speak during presentation was also given.

Language- Through a new chapter in EE- Facts and Opinions, we revisited our understanding of facts and opinions and how we can differentiate between them and change facts to opinions and vice-a-versa.


UOI- Complete everything related to your SA(big 6 sheet, presentation PPT/chart/model/powtoon/infograph). Rehearse for your presentation(how you will speak, what you will speak-you may jot down points that you plan to speak) and come prepared for peer assessment and mock rehearsals tomorrow. Don’t forget to bring your charts/models etc. to school tomorrow.

Language- 1) Discussion genre : Using the Writing process and the six traits of writing, write your pre-writing on the topic : Don’t kids need pocket money. You can refer to the organizer that we used for ‘The idiot box and the couch potatoes’ and create a similar thing or make a mindmap(a4 sheet)                    2)Play this online game :

LEAP- Bring your time capsule(if ready) or the things you need to create one.

NOTE- Learners have been allowed to use CB today for their UOI SA

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