Highlights and Homework – 2 January 2017

Highlights and Homework – 2 January 2017

Highlights :

UOI: Summative Assessment – The sharing of culture capsule happened with the buddy class where the peers just observed the artefacts and noted it down in the rule sheet given. They will further analyze independently the value and belief behind their peer’s artefact, rituals and tradition.

Math: Students did a hands on activity using fraction wheel, fraction and multiple kit and Jodo blocks for solving equivalent fractions.


UOI: You have to research on the artefact, rituals and traditions observed in the buddy class and find the belief/value attached to it and write it down in your UOI notebook.

Maths:  Simplify the given fractions and write whether they are equivalent or not:
a) 4/12 and 3/9
b) 24/36 and 18/27
c) 42/88 and 36/74
d) 35/65 and 40/52
e) 16/64 and 25/100

Blendspace: Students have to practice factors and multiples from the given link (slide 11 and 12): https://www.tes.com/lessons/R5ND_tf1KLi8hA/edit

Star of the day : Grade 4 Mettle :) 

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