Highlights and Homework- 2/1/17

Highlights and Homework- 2/1/17

Today’s Highlights:-


As a part of the Summative assessment, the students used their presentation skills to explain their beliefs and values, through the Graffiti wall and Culture capsule, to their peers.


  1. Simplify the following fractions and find out the reduced form:
    a) 12/36
    b) 64/120
    c) 63/81
    d) 68/98
    e) 17/42
  2. Find out 3 equivalent fractions of the following:
    a) 3/10
    b) 5/6
    c) 9/11
  3. Find out whether the following number is divisible by 2,3,4 and 6

    Kavita Arora.

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