Recap of the day – 2/1/17

Recap of the day – 2/1/17

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!         2017

Math –  Learners practiced traditional algorithm 2 digit by 2 and teacher explained the 3 digit by 1 and the same was practiced as well.

Language-  Learners revised the review focus skill in detail and then shared the incidents /experiences anything which they  had experienced first time in life. Then they wrote it using the review focus skill .

DEAR time was enjoyed by learners .

Homework was checked.


Language - Writing prompt : Name one thing you do really well and describe it in detail. (like sports or drawing or dancing that they are good at)
Keep the Review Focus Skills in mind while writing this.(check the previous blog for referring the tools to be used.)

Math –Solve the following sums using traditional algorithm:

a) 59 x 45      b) 25 x 74       c) 31 x 13        d) 92 x 27              e) 64 x 32

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