Grade 5 Alliance – 3rd January’17

Grade 5 Alliance – 3rd January’17


Go through the blog post done by Evelyn ma’am for grade 5 and prepare for the presentation due tomorrow.



Make a grid and give the following headings as mentioned below in the math notebook:

1st column – No.

2nd column – Rounding off – whole number

3rd column -Rounding of to nearest tenth

4th column -Rounding of to nearest hundredth

Sums are as follows:

1.   232.75

2.   12.345

3.   11.109

4.   7.854

5.   2.546

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Prepare for the presentation tomorrow keeping in mind the 5 Essential Elements as discussed in class today.


Chapter – The monkey and you

Answer  Q 5, 9 and 10 (Reference book – page – 79) in your EE notebook.

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