Highlights and Homework – 3rd Jan’17

Highlights and Homework – 3rd Jan’17

UOI:  I started with tuning in activity with children by sharing  my life through photos where I shown my photos over the years. Students themselves started comparing the photos of year on year and came to the central Idea and identified the TDT. A Line game as a part of engagement was conducted where they were asked few questions to realize and express that they are experiencing change where without saying much they were able to express using just Yes or No as answer. Post this engagement, they were able to identify the Key concepts of Change, Perspective and Responsibility.

TDT: Who we are

Central Idea: Changes people experience at different stages of their lives affect their evolving sense of self.

Language: Popcorn reading for the chapter ‘A Fable of Fortune’ , from Empowering English was done. While reading students also annotated the text in their book using the Monitoring inner conversation chart. They were given time to note down the annotation in their Language notebook. This comprehension strategy helped them understand the text in a better way.

Homework :-

Watch the video to make a google form :-


Read the chapter ‘A fable of fortune’ and write the synonyms of difficult words in the Empowering English reference book itself.


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