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Day: January 3, 2017

Highlights and Homework of the day: 3rd January

Highlights and Homework of the day: 3rd January


  • Students have done research work on their own endangered animal for the assessment’s task  and record the data in  a sheet.
  • Y-box practice was done.


  • Frame two sentences for each type:

1.Affirmative(simple statements)

2. Interrogative(question)

3. Imperative(command/request)

4. Exclamatory sentences.

Important Note:

  • Help your child to learn his/her dialogues.
  • Please encourage students to come to school instead of taking leaves as we have very few days for our Y-Box, seeking for your cooperation. Thank you.


Runa Nath (HRT)

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – January 3rd

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – January 3rd

A very happy new year!

Inquiry : As a tuning in to new unit, learners were shown the pictures from teacher’s life and further were shared the experiences associated with pictures. They were then involved in the line game where in they were asked several questions and if they agreed, they would step on the line. They also saw the video on life of a monarch butterfly :

Language : Learners were introduced to comprehension strategy “activating background knowledge” They read articles about bats, bramble and cormorants before reading their final read “A fable of fortunes” from Empowering English. They used 4 quadrants to comprehend the chapter.

Math : Learners discussed the questionnaire created by them on demonetisation. Within the group they reflected about their success and struggle moments, while conducting survey. They further exercised creating questionnaire on demonetisation post understanding success and struggles from everyone in their group.

Homework :

Language : Find out the meaning of the words you wondered about from the chapter and write the meaning in your book.

Math : Feedback for formative assessment on measures of central tendencies is provided. Kindly revise and practice as suggested.  Parents are requested to sign only post revision.

Portfolio : Identify your portfolio pieces for UOI(How we express ourselves, Math(Data handling) and Language(Narrative/Persuasive) and prepare comments for the same.

Grade 5 Alliance – 3rd January’17

Grade 5 Alliance – 3rd January’17


Go through the blog post done by Evelyn ma’am for grade 5 and prepare for the presentation due tomorrow.



Make a grid and give the following headings as mentioned below in the math notebook:

1st column – No.

2nd column – Rounding off – whole number

3rd column -Rounding of to nearest tenth

4th column -Rounding of to nearest hundredth

Sums are as follows:

1.   232.75

2.   12.345

3.   11.109

4.   7.854

5.   2.546

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Prepare for the presentation tomorrow keeping in mind the 5 Essential Elements as discussed in class today.


Chapter – The monkey and you

Answer  Q 5, 9 and 10 (Reference book – page – 79) in your EE notebook.

Highlights and Homework – 3rd Jan’17

Highlights and Homework – 3rd Jan’17

UOI:  I started with tuning in activity with children by sharing  my life through photos where I shown my photos over the years. Students themselves started comparing the photos of year on year and came to the central Idea and identified the TDT. A Line game as a part of engagement was conducted where they were asked few questions to realize and express that they are experiencing change where without saying much they were able to express using just Yes or No as answer. Post this engagement, they were able to identify the Key concepts of Change, Perspective and Responsibility.

TDT: Who we are

Central Idea: Changes people experience at different stages of their lives affect their evolving sense of self.

Language: Popcorn reading for the chapter ‘A Fable of Fortune’ , from Empowering English was done. While reading students also annotated the text in their book using the Monitoring inner conversation chart. They were given time to note down the annotation in their Language notebook. This comprehension strategy helped them understand the text in a better way.

Homework :-

Watch the video to make a google form :-


Read the chapter ‘A fable of fortune’ and write the synonyms of difficult words in the Empowering English reference book itself.


Table Tennis Inter school Competition Selection’s

Table Tennis Inter school Competition Selection’s

Dear Parents,

Please note that the selection for Table Tennis for the upcoming Inter school competition at Fountainhead school will be done in the PS slots from 4th January to 11th January. The players who are interested should reach Indoor PE room in their respective PS slots on time. Late entries will not be entertained.

Ankush Bhasin.



Highlights and Homework for 3rd January 2017

Highlights and Homework for 3rd January 2017

Star of the day: Stuti Rajyaguru

[Highlight Of The Day]

UOI: Students presented their graffiti wall and culture capsule in the class where they were simultaneously assessed on their presentation skills and knowledge on beliefs and value.

Math: Students explored and practiced Khan academy.


Language: A) Read chapter- 9 of Charlotte’s Web and underline sensory words.

B) Fry word list: Eighth hundred – list 1

Math: Practice  fractions from the given link (slide 19, 20 and 21):