Highlights for the day – 4th Jan’17

Highlights for the day – 4th Jan’17

Inquiry : Learners framed the central idea and derived the lines of inquiry. The students’ learning contract and parent undertaking were discussed with the students in detail .

Note for parents:- Kindly go through both the undertakings and sign on both of these.

Central Idea: Changes people experience at different stages of their lives affect their evolving sense of self.


  • Different changes that we experience during puberty (change).
  • Cultural beliefs associated with pubertal changes (Perspective).
  • How do we accept and evolve through these changes (Responsibility).

Language :- Learners discussed the ending of chapter ‘a fable of fortune’ and further discussed on post discussion questions from the book Empowering English.

Homework :-

Complete Hindi and Gujarati homework


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