Highlights and homework – Day 5 – January 05th

Highlights and homework – Day 5 – January 05th

Math : Learners were provided a situation for which they had to create the survey questionnaire. Within the group, they came up with questions, keeping in mind variety of close ended questions.

Language : Learners discussed question-answers of the chapter ‘A fable of fortunes’ from Empowering English.

Homework :

Inquiry : Learners are provided ‘Parents Undertaking’ related to the current unit of who we are. Parents are requested to go through the undertaking and sign the same. Learners shall, then, stick the same in their Inquiry journals.

Math : Collaborate with in your group and create the google form for the questions planned by you, today in the class.

Language : Write the answers in your language notebook for the questions discussed in the class.

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