Grade 8_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_06 January 2017.

Grade 8_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_06 January 2017.

Dear Parents,

welcome to the new  year. Hope you have a great year ahead.

Lets have a look into the work done in first week of 2017.
1. we have started with the new unit of Pythagoras Theorem. Introduction was given to the students through explanation of how the theorem has been derived and then they solved few sums to get into application of the theorem.

2. we also discussed the real life applications of Pythagoras Theorem and made chart for the same.

3. Moving further to this unit, we solved the exercise 4.9 based on the Theorem except Question 6,7 and 8(not covered in Grade 8).

4. we started new unit of Surds. Explanation of Surds was given through PPT. presentation and revised the concept of rational and irrational numbers.

5. Students were introduced to the rules of Surds with few examples given in PPT. and solved exercise 1.1 based on rules of Surds including simplifying the Surds.


Thanks and Regards,

Ankita Nandwani.

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