Grade 10_International Math_Highlights of the week

Grade 10_International Math_Highlights of the week

Dear All,

Here is the update of what we did last week in Math slot:

As Grade 10 was having their X-Box on 05-01-2017, this week was given for them to practice.

Based on the theme ” Cinematic Thesis” students came up with the idea of doing “Making of the film”

So they worked in a team and each individual was engaged in a particular sub-task like researching, exploring, organizing, investigating etc. Through out this process students faced difficulties and tolerated unexpected and unfamiliar problems, but they never gave up. They collaborated co-operatively to find the solution by making proper approaches using their intuition methods like conjectures, logic and developed problem solving skills, management skills, communication skills, research skills and thinking skills. Thus finally they came up with a short film about the making of a film and the mathematical principles implemented in it.


Thanks and Regards,

Ruchita Patel.

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