Highlights and homework – Day 1 & 2 – January 9th & 10th

Highlights and homework – Day 1 & 2 – January 9th & 10th

Day 1

Inquiry : Learners identified the learner profiles, attitude and transdisciplinary skills they should focus in this unit. They further explored these elements through a read aloud by teacher, of a book ‘Elephants Never Forget.’ They also saw a video of a read aloud of the book ‘Stellaluna’ They identified situations and character from the story which showed the learner profile, attitude and transdisciplinary skills. We read the definition of the identified learner profile, attitude and skills. The definition is as below :

Learner Profile: 

Open minded- Willingness to grow from the experience by understanding and accepting individuality.

Balanced – Understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others.


Appreciation :  Appreciating the beauty of the change we experience and understand that each of us are unique.

Respect :  We value and care for the changes within us and others.

Empathy : Imagining ourselves in another’s situation in order to understand his or her emotions.


Self management- healthy lifestyle- Making informed choices to achieve a balance in nutrition, rest, relaxation and exercise; practising appropriate hygiene and self-care.

Informed choices- Selecting an appropriate behaviour based on accurate information,experience  and knowledge.

Safety- Engaging in personal behaviour that avoids placing oneself or others in danger or at risk.

Language : Learners conferred within the group about the points they notes for the forthcoming debate. They also used thinking tool OPV to address the expected apprehension from opponent team.

Day 2

Language : Learners had a debate on a topic “Borrowing is always a bad thing.’ Students stated their opinion using different sentence starters and supported them with real life examples. They further gave feedback to their peers and listened to teacher’s feedback.

Homework for today:-

Language : Write a paragraph about how you were caught in a storm, using the words given in the book Empowering English pg. no. 71 : Pounding, crashing, smashing, roaring, soaring, clashing, gnashing, thundering, gigantic, mountainous, elephantine, tides, splashed, crashed, cracked, sailed, sinking.

Math : Complete the worksheet provided to you today.


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