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Day: January 15, 2017

Grade 9 _ Epiphany & Serendipity _ International Mathematics (Extended) _ Highlights

Grade 9 _ Epiphany & Serendipity _ International Mathematics (Extended) _ Highlights

Dear Parents,

This is what we did in IM classes over the past 2 weeks.

(From 02 nd January to 6th January, 2017 and 09th  January to 13th  January)

  1. We started with a new unit- Trigonometry which was initiated with what trigonometry is and where this word came from. With this they also learnt the 3 basic trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine and tangent), what they are for and how they help in finding the missing angle/length of given triangles.
  2. Based on the learning, they practiced questions of trigonometry from exercise 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4.
  3. We also discussed the real life applications of the concept- Trigonometry.
  4. They also learnt the concept- Bearing which was included in the questions of exercise 8.4. Therefore they have now well understood how to find the bearing of one point from the given another point.
  5. Then they were taught the rules of Trigonometry- mainly Sine and Cosine rule and how they are used in triangles. These two rules were basically taught through the derivation and then worked examples based on these two rules were discussed in the class.
  6. In between, students appeared in the unit test which was conducted on 11th   January on the previous unit- Properties of Circle.
  7. They also practiced questions from exercise 8.7 and 8.8 in IM slot.
  8. By now, they are well versed with how to solve questions related to using trigonometric ratios and rules on their GDC.



Urvi Shah