Grade 11_Mathematics_SL_Important_Announcement.

Grade 11_Mathematics_SL_Important_Announcement.

Dear Learners,

Please make a note of the following significant points pertaining to the mock IA and final IA.

1)It is mandatory for everyone to submit a mock IA and this has to be purely an individual work, you are not allowed to work in groups. This IA primarily has to include entire statistics i.e for criterion E use of mathematics, only statistics needs to incorporated as a mathematical concept.

2)In addition to the mock IA , you also need to submit the final IA along with a detailed and and an exhaustive mind map.

We are liable to reject the Final IA topics if it does not commensurate with the level of Mathematics SL.

Submission Date for the above mentioned tasks: 10th March 2017.


Kinjal Morkhia.

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