Sr. KG Highlights Of The Week(9th-13th January)

Sr. KG Highlights Of The Week(9th-13th January)

Circle Time:-

  • WOW:- Hibernation\ Migration
  • Read alouds from the Senior KG book’s list
  • Y- box practice


  1. Introduction of cylinder shape(2 sides and 0 corners) and making connections of the cylinder shape with real life examples.
  2. Revision of patterns with 4 attributes.(identifying the pattern,extending and creating a pattern)
  3. Introduction of number names from 91 -99
  4. Revision of half past clock ,number number names and patterns was done through centers.


  1. Revision of all word families done till date.
  2. Revision of ‘ai’, ‘oa’ and ‘ie’ diagraphs and their words.
  3. Guided and independent reading of the Cambridge readers was done.



  • Transdisciplinary theme: Where we are in place & time.
  • Central idea: To meet their needs people construct houses based on the location & availability of resources.

Tuning in of the unit was done through gallery walk and KWL chart.


Important Points:

  1. Please ensure that your child is present throughout this week as we have y-box practice going on.
  2. Regularly practice the dialogues sent by the teacher with your child.
  3. Kindly avoid taking leaves for your child.
  4. Please check the costume for the y-box as sent by your HRT.


Sr. KG Team


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