Highlights and homework – Day 1 – January 17th

Highlights and homework – Day 1 – January 17th

UOI : Learners completed the worksheet about changes in boys and girls. They saw a brainpop video on reproductive system. They read chapters related to reproductive organs from their reader Just for Boys and Just for Girls and further took up the discussions. Taking their inquiry further, learners saw two videos to understand pregnancy and periods, took up discussion thereafter.

Language : Learners were informed about assessment criteria for debate and given the task.  The class was divided into 4 groups for the debate and the format of the same was discussed with them, after which they were given their topics.

Then, they played a game to enhance their Rebuttal and quick thinking skills. In this game, the students divided themselves into pairs. one student made a statement (on any topic) and the pair had to reply to the statement by saying ‘I couldn’t disagree more’ and then give a reason why.  They also played the game to enhance their memory. In this game, the students formed the group and started with the statement ‘My name is _____ and If i were to rule to the world I would_____’ Next one will repeat the earlier students line and add his or her line. The game will continue till everyone gets to speak.

Homework :


  1. Complete the quiz given in the class.
  2. Complete reading the reader : Just for Girls – tll pg- 42 and Just for Boys- till pg 38

Language : Research for your debate topic. Make a T chart in your language notebook. Write your points on the left hand side of the T-chart. Leave the right side blank.



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